Love the rich, old to

The afternoon sun, shed from the morning shrouded in clouds, suddenly had a warm all over the body, has been bustling about, looked up a calculation, found that winter is gone as far as most. The pace of the spring is coming, just the thought of this, hearts can not help but through a burst of joy. Perhaps, a desire for too long, looking for too long, perhaps can stir a bit tired sigh, but not the slightest feeling confused reenex facial.

A few days ago I heard, many places have snow, but snow kind, amazing time, sorry my hometown for several years, no serious snow. Snow white, the perfection of beauty to purify the mind, filled the world winter bleak. But now, I only in the dream memories, far look, imagine……

There is no snow, the winter is still filled with cold, people no longer like before wearing thin, replace sb. is thick clothes, afraid of one not careful, will frostbite. When such a cold, I also often break at busy gap, a Ukiyo-e Qing Huan alone. Holding a cup of warm tea, then lit a cigarette, in from the curl of smoke, such is life in the cup shadow in the condensed into a warm core. Always stubborn thought, so that you can bring life to the most concise, no disturbance, no cares. I’m just a mortal, and on the earth, the heart is often trouble packed bursting at the seams, do not put, don’t open travel and tourism news.

Life is a journey, enjoy a romantic themes meaning, can understand, some feelings like the flowers falling in the wind, after only a person walking. Those who offer good peers, even if accompanied with the rainy season, I walk through the time, but one day will be discrete in a ferry. If the mountain and water can be two two, the sun and the moon can now have nothing to do, at that time, I was able to enjoy only one of the simple, one for me. Have short life, is a quiet beauty, although be of no importance, but let people miss life.

Hiding behind the time, a section of the days with you, suddenly there is a beauty is after full of melancholy, let a person have the sentimental. A person living in winter, every day feel cold, so to the sun, the sun warm the heart through the muggy. But the wound drying for a long time, less initial paindata centre, do not know is numb, or habit……

Think about some love in the world, after many years of wind and rain baptism, still green and fail, it is because love has been deeply implanted in rhizome, two people in the soil. Also some love on the road, little not stumble, but still keeps the original color and appearance, not abandon. Only a handful of love, part company each going his own way in the half landscape, carries a sentimental towards things. No matter what kind of love, as long as had been paid a sincere, asking for no result, no resentment, twists and turns, who is the love of the rich…

If you at this time, there is a feeling echoed in the lonely, I hope you are happy. Gradually, I have been used in keyboard “crackling” sound, alone with a messy text, listening to songs, telling those who like flowers moved. Then a smile, looking at the distant trees swaying in the wind, and a figure in the heart floating, that is you. But I now, that is no longer himself Attractions in Hong Kong

, out of crazy colors. Light, there is a strange, like night spread, could not hear what you said. Just remember that day at the end of Sundowners, you step back, towards the evening there, and I am here, lost in the shadow behind you, in your life out.


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