The vast sea

Because to understand, so Lu Xun will select the “thousand pointing fingers, head bowed as a willing ox”; because to understand, so Wen Tianxiang will write “all men are mortal., according to retain loyalty”; because to understand, so the ancient heroes of beauty to decide “for friends who are dead, female for Yue oneself person lookstable vpn“.

Eileen Chang once said: “in the lustrous and dazzling world, no one can live freely flowing style of writing. But I always believe that, through the misty rain days Pinghu, mountains and rivers, those who experienced the doom, tasted the taste of people, will be more vivid and clean. Time is always the observer, the process and results of all, we need to takeart supplies storage.”

Yes, life is a spiritual practice, if you understand, we are no longer going astray, into the depths of error; if you know, we will be able to make fewer mistakes, less take some detours, less experience some pain; if you know, hero will not lament the dead end, Americans will no longer sigh oldLocal Express.

If you know, we can see that, the spring breeze not only lazy, and flowers in full bloom; summer is not only hot summer and autumn, and life, not only the autumn cold, and the autumn harvest; not only winter bleak winter, still winter landscape beauty; if you know, we can understand some love must be hidden, some people should forgive, some things will not go.

Life’s long road, forbearance 1:00 calm, take a step as boundless as the sea and sky. Because to understand, so mercy.

If we understand it, can be beauty fleeting, poetic season, beautiful day.


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